DNA testing uncovers victim in decades-old Will County murder

Investigators in Will County said DNA helped to identify a man who was found dead nearly 43 years ago.

In July 1980, the body of an unidentified man was discovered in a wooden crate located at the Lockport Locks Powerplant in Will County. The crate had been nailed shut and the victim was sealed inside.

Over the next four years, Will County detectives left no stone unturned but the case went cold. Partial fingerprints were submitted to state and federal labs – but no matches were found. 

In 2021, newly elected coroner Laurie Summers partnered with Othram, a private lab for advanced DNA testing. The victim's remains were exhumed.


In February, Othram found the family of Webster Fisher. His wife said he went to buy cigarettes a block away and never came back.

The criminal investigation is underway to find out who killed Fisher.

Will County is currently working six cold cases involving six unidentified people dating as far back as 1968.