Cold weather gear donated to Chicago homeless shelter

CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) - A local women's group is striving to make a difference to some of the most vulnerable in Chicago.

With cold weather in our forecast, they're working to keep homeless people warm.

Shanita Carter sorts socks and Debra Commons handles the hats, getting all this cold weather gear ready for people who really need it in Chicago.

“It gets cold, it gets colder and even gets cool so everyone needs a hat, a scarf, a glove. Everyone need those items to be warm,” said Commons.

Especially those at Pacific Garden Mission – a long time shelter on South Canal Street.

The women's group called “Illinois 50+ Women of Color, Class, Confidence, and Style” worked all year to collect the donations. Finally, it's time to let people at the shelter pick one thing.

Like a pair of black socks, perfect for Julie Bousaid's new job.

“I’m not trying to stay in the shelter system a long time. I'm trying to get out as quickly as I can,” she said.

While all of this is for people needing shelter, the women behind the donation say it also helps them through their own struggles.

“Some of us have emotional wounds and this helps to facilitate healing for us as well, as well as for these folks,” Carter said.

Carter lost her son to gun violence and says the donation drive has helped heal her wound.

“Sometimes if you're hurting and you have a deep wound, that wound gets deeper if all you do is concentrate on yourself but if you can open up and spread some love and joy and comfort to other people, then it helps facilitate your own healing,” she said.