Community activists still seek answers in 2018 cold case that left 2 men dead in Rogers Park

Two years ago, police filled Rogers Park searching for a killer, whom they never found, leaving residents frustrated and fearful. 

“This area of Rogers Park and the families of these victims want closure and they want justice, It wants to solve the case. What are we gonna wait for this guy to come on and kill somebody else again,” said Community Activist Raul Montes.


Montes added $5,000 to what was already the largest reward in the city, bringing it to $155,000 to catch the killer of two men.

First 73-year-old Douglas Watts was killed execution style. About 36 hours later, Eliyahu Moscowitz was murdered by who police believe was the same man with same gun.

Chicago police released surveillance video of a wanted man with a distinctive walk, but have not solved the case.

 “We're asking for Chicago police detectives and other law enforcement agencies including the ATF and FBI to revisit this case,” said Montes.

FOX 32 asked for an update from detectives but Chiicago police said they can't comment on ongoing and open investigations. The lack of updates has community members frustrated.

“We need more solid information to bring closer to not only the two families of Eliyahu and Douglas, but to our community as a whole,” said Bill Morton, President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

Chicago police say anyone with tips on the Rogers Park killer, should contact them.