Company paying $1,000 to go camping at national park

Campsite at Lunch Lake in the Seven Lakes Basin, Olympic National Park, Washington. (Greg Vaughn /VW PICS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

If any of you whippersnappers can stay off your phone for a couple of dag-gum days, you might just earn yourself a crisp Grover Cleveland., a satellite-internet comparison resource operated by Clear Link Technologies LLC, is ironically seeking one brave soul to partake in a “digital detox” camping adventure at a U.S. national park, with “no technology allowed” for the duration of the weekend.

If the chosen participant is successful, they’ll be rewarded with $1,000 bucks plus reimbursed expenses.

“At, we know many folks who camp with RVs also need satellite internet to stay connected, but given how much time we’ve all spent online in 2020, we wanted to find a way to help someone tune out the world and get back in tune with nature,” the company writes on its application page.

To that end, the company is seeking only one “someone” to partake in the challenge but stipulates that applicants be under the age of 25 and already be licensed to drive an RV, which they will also need to rent at their own expense before being reimbursed.

Once chosen, the lucky winner will then be instructed to venture out into a national park of their choosing — on the weekend of their choosing — and experience all that nature has to offer. They just can’t tweet about it, or photograph it, or participate in any TikTok challenges under the stars.

Then, on the third night, the winner is instructed to use a mobile hotspot (or just a nearby café with WiFi) to finally “share your experience online.”

Upon completion, the winner will earn $1,000 and up to $1,000 in reimbursement for the RV rental, mobile hotspot fees and food.


“We’re hoping this opportunity encourages you to step away from the social feed and out into the world,” writes the company, which, again, provides internet resources as part of its business plan.

Anyone wishing to enter for a chance to win the position can apply now through Sept. 23 on’s website.

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