Controversy surrounds conversion of Chicago elementary school to high school

Chicago Public Schools is getting an earful over plans to close and convert a South Loop elementary school.

CPS plans to turn The National Teacher's Academy into a high school. It's already being met with a lawsuit, and some are calling the decision racist while others are excited about it.

“This is what happens when black lives do not matter, they are easily traded or are expendable,” a CPS teacher said.

The student body of the National Teacher’s Academy is primarily black and performing at a high-level.

CPS says there's a greater need for a performing high school in the South Loop. Many parents agreed and were upset that their kids won't be able to go to the new high school because of the boundaries laid out by CPS.

“It's not fair… Our children matter. They are not afterthoughts,” one parent said.

But some were excited about the new high school, including those who would get to go there.

“I'm super glad that there would be a new high school, that's convenient,” one person said.

CPS elected not to do an on-camera interview with FOX 32.