Cook County warns of increasing COVID-19 cases; new restrictions possible

In Cook County, officials are worried about the uptick in cases, and it could lead to once again tightening up restrictions. 

Public health leaders are "extremely concerned" amid rising COVID numbers in suburban Cook County and across the state.

Officials say residents in their 20’s and 30’s are showing the highest infection rates right now.

"I don’t feel as at risk out here because I’m already vaccinated because I’m a teacher," said Amber Plonka, a Park Ridge resident.

Dozens of customers enjoyed a bite to eat outside The Harp and Fiddle Irish Pub in Park Ridge.


This comes as the suburb will again extend outdoor dining from May 1 until October 31.

Plans include closing off traffic along Main Street, allowing for tables, umbrellas and lots of outdoor dining space. 

At least seven suburban Cook County communities have seen COVID infections increase more than 200 percent recently, including Lynwood, Berkeley, Riverside and Glencoe.

Public health leaders say we must remain disciplined in following safety guidelines.