Cook County woman finds Apple AirTag on car after iPhone notification: 'My movements were being tracked'

A woman made a disturbing discovery in north suburban Glencoe after receiving an unusual warning on her iPhone.

The notification was from Apple, and it said her phone was being tracked by an AirTag.

"My movements were being tracked for five days. My routines were being established and followed, and I couldn't do anything about it, I didn't even know," said Marissa Girard.

Along with the notification were instructions on how to disable it.

"I heard it beeping, I went to the undercarriage of the car and I found the AirTag adhered underneath the car, like hidden, and immediately drove to the police," said Girard.

Police removed the AirTag, identified the serial number and expressed optimism about getting a search warrant from Apple to identify the owner.

Girard said she believes she knows who placed the AirTag on her vehicle. However, Glencoe police said they did not have enough evidence to make an arrest.

The Glencoe Police Department released the following statement:

"Glencoe Detectives were unable to definitely determine any guilty party in this incident and have not confirmed the identity of any responsible party to the Girards. Specifically, Glencoe Detectives have not been able to uncover direct evidence nor confirm the identity of the person that placed the device on the vehicle."

Girard said more needs to be done.

"AirTags are being used all the time to stalk people, and it will be five days before the alert even shows up," said Girard.

Right now, there is a class-action lawsuit against Apple alleging that the AirTags enable stalking. Apple has introduced a stalking detection feature for its AirTags. Users can open their "Find My" app and make sure the notifications are turned on. 

The class-action lawsuit against Apple is still pending.