Cookie's 'Empire' apartment in Chicago gets a makeover

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - ‘Empire’ is obviously shot in Chicago, and a lot of Chicagoans have been able to be on the show because of it.

Well, one woman wasn't on the show, but her house was. It is being used as Cookie's apartment, and this season, it got a complete makeover.

"They just decided that now she has some money for a little bit of time, she decided she wanted to class it up a little," Reema Sebastian said.

So, say goodbye to hot pink and hello to cool yellow!

"They re-did the walls. Our walls were not cool enough for Cookie. Actually this is custom wallpaper,” she said. "All the artwork is different, and they kind of classed it up a little more this time"

So far, the experience has been all good for Sebastian and her family.

They even got to hang out with stars Trai Byers, Taraji Henson and director Lee Daniels.

The crew does pay the family for their time, but they are very conscious of it, Sebastian says.

The crew shoots around the family's schedule, and the family gets to watch some of the filming too, which of course is super cool for the kids. Watch the above video for more!