COVID cases drop in Chicago, health officials continue to urge vaccines

A pop-up vaccine clinic was one of the features of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Day events at Doolittle Elementary in Bronzeville.  

Organic Oneness, a grassroots, social justice organization specializing in healing and wellness, assembled 175 volunteers to participate in 20 service projects for the holiday.

The principal said the vaccination rate in the school is low, but the sense of community is strong and needed now more than ever.

Volunteers assembled to paint, clean and improve the environment at Doolittle Elementary in Bronzeville. 

There was some concern about gathering while the Omicron variant is spreading in Chicago, but they are doing it safely.

"Definitely, I’m concerned with the new surge that’s going on and safety protocols but at the same time, being of service and doing things for others is so important. I think it’s even more important now because of what we’re going through," said Tiffany Gorman, a CPS parent.

Arrissa Shelby arrived at the vaccine clinic with her seven-month-old baby.


"We had Covid, last month and so when it peaked like that, I really saw that yeah, they’re on to something, it’s true and the vaccine is needed. I have my first dose, so I don’t think my symptoms were as severe. But for my daughter, you know, it was just terrible," said Shelby.

Principal of Doolittle Elementary, Iysha Jones said there have been a handful of Covid cases in school, and the message about vaccines is still being encouraged.

"We’ve been doing a tremendous job just making sure that our students are safe. And this day of service is really going to help bring together our community in ways that are needed, with this horrible virus shutting down our city, country and the world as a whole," said Jones.

Health officials hope that bringing the shots to the neighborhood will be effective.

This day off work and school worked out for people seeking the vaccine. 

The city is adding pop-up clinics in the neighborhood every day this week.