Coyote rescued from pit at Waukegan water treatment plant

A wildlife group rescued a coyote Thursday that had fallen into a concrete pit at a water treatment facility in north suburban Waukegan.

The Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation said the coyote had been in the pit since Monday, according to a Facebook post.

The non-profit group based in Barrington said they used a blanket to cover the coyote, and they were able to pull it out of the pit on a stretcher with the aid of ropes.

(Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation)

The coyote was then carried on the stretcher to a nearby tree line and released. The group confirmed the coyote was healthy before releasing it into the wild.

"He was in great shape. We were prepared to bring him back to our center if it was necessary," the group said on Facebook.

The Waukegan Police Animal Control and employees at the treatment plant assisted with the rescue.

(Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation)

"I couldn’t have done it without the help of Waukegan Police Animal Control and the cooperation of the employees at the treatment plan. Thanks to everyone, this coyote is free again," the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation said.

In September, the wildlife center assisted in the recovery of a coyote that became lodged in the grille of a vehicle after it was struck in Lake County.


The driver didn't realize she hit the coyote until her neighbors notified the Lake County Sheriff's Office later that the animal was stuck in the grill of her parked car.