Live coyote removed from car's grille after neighbors in Lake County notify authorities

A male coyote that was struck by a car in Lake County suffered significant injuries after becoming lodged in the vehicle's grille and dragged last weekend.

The Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation facility said the coyote was struck by a vehicle around 5 a.m. on Sunday.

Unaware of the incident, the motorist continued driving home with the coyote stuck in the grille of her car, the wildlife center said.


Around 7:30 a.m., a deputy with the Lake County Sheriff's Office knocked on the woman's door after neighbors reported a live coyote was entangled in the grille of her vehicle.

(Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation)

Lake County Animal Control removed the coyote from the car's grill and brought it to Flint Creek, the wildlife center said.

Officials said the coyote suffered significant injuries as a result of the incident.

"Please keep this boy in your thoughts today. He’s currently alert but has signs of internal injuries. He also sustained significant injuries to his right rear paw after being dragged in the grille of a car," Flint Creek said in a Facebook post.

The incident isn't the first for the rehab facility. In 2014, a man struck a coyote and drove to work with the animal stuck in the grille of his vehicle.

The man's coworkers notified him a coyote was lodged in the front of his car, and Waukegan Animal Control were called to extricate the animal from his vehicle.

The coyote, later named Vern, sustained three broken legs but made a full recovery and was released months later.