CPD and local hospitals work together to combat shooting violence

Chicago police and local hospitals are working together to try to prevent another deadly outbreak of shootings this weekend.

Last weekend was the most violent the city has seen this year with 52 people shot. Four of victims were shot just one block away from Northwestern Memorial Hospital. In an attempt to keep that number down this weekend, Chicago police are working to clean up the streets and work with other departments.

Chicago police and Northwestern Campus Police came together Friday at their first joint roll call. The partnership means if there is an emergency around the Streeterville campus, Northwestern police will respond until CPD arrives.

Another partnership is officers are teaming up with city agencies, community groups and violence interrupters to spruce up neighborhoods. It is called “Operation Clean.”

This week, they are focusing on the West Garfield Park neighborhood in the Police 11th District near Jackson and Pulaski. Crews are doing things like picking up trash and doing yardwork.

“Operation Clean” will continue throughout the summer in different districts wherever there is a spike in violence.