CPD lieutenant describes sex among officers at police station

A Chicago police lieutenant accused of sexual harassment says sex among officers was a common occurrence in the 14th District on the Near Northwest Side.

Back in 2015, Chicago Police Lieutenant Gerald Breimon was being questioned for a sex harassment lawsuit that goes to trial this January. Breimon is accused by a female officer, Kelly Hespe, of demanding sex. She says he threatened to destroy her career if she didn't give in. Breimon denies her allegations, but in sworn deposition, he admits to having sex several times with her inside her van in a police station parking lot before they went to work.

Breimon also says Hespe described having sex with other officers, sometimes in foursomes. He says she also described officers in the 14th District having sex in a supply closet, and in a locker room, and in a squad car.

Hespe's allegations of harassment, according to a CPD spokesperson, led to an internal investigation and a 30-day suspension for Breimon. But last May, he also received a promotion from Sergeant to Lieutenant with a pay increase to a $124k a year. CPD says his promotion was based on his test scores and he was in good standing at the time.

But now, CPD says Breimon has been placed on desk duty because of the pending harassment lawsuit. A spokesman says, "there is absolutely no place within the Chicago Police Department for harassment or discrimination of any kind.”