CPD partners with community groups, security company to curb carjackings in Chicago

With carjackings out of control across the city of Chicago, police are employing some new strategies.

This includes partnering with community groups and a private security company.

"It takes everybody to come together. This is literally what teamwork looks like," said Early Walker, a community activist.

Chicago police officers, private security workers, community leaders and politicians gathered in front of the Jewel store at 95th and Stony Island with one goal in mind.

CPD: Teens being arrested for armed carjackings in Chicago, suburbs

"We will curb this, and the young people that are perpetrating this type of crime will not treat our neighborhoods like it’s a layout for a video game," said Ald. Greg Mitchell.

There were 218 carjackings in Chicago in January alone, which is three times as many as the previous January. Last year, Chicago saw the highest number of carjackings in two decades.

This is why fourth district officers on Friday escorted women and seniors leaving Jewel to their cars, helping them put the groceries away and getting them safely into their vehicles.

"I think this is great for us to know we will get help coming to our vehicles and knowing that we are safe at all times. I appreciate the program," said a shopper, Juanita Jackson.


Kate’s Security Agency is donating armed security guards and cars to sit outside gas stations that have been recent targets of carjackers.

"So the goal and the hope is they see a vehicle like this with the rotating lights and armed security, and they’ll find someplace else to go, find something else to do and maybe find something legitimate to do," said Joseph Lee of Kate’s Security Agency.

This is part of a program called Operation Safe Pump that’s been patrolling gas stations in Englewood for the past three weeks.

Ald. Stephanie Coleman says since that time there have been no carjackings at any of those stations.