Crestwood man accused of killing woman, 14-month old daughter in Lockport looks to have bond reduced

A Crestwood man accused of killing a woman and her 14-month-old child in 2020 is asking for a judge to reduce his bond.

Anthony Maggio was charged with six counts of first-degree murder in December 2022.

Ashtin Eaton, 32, and her little girl, Hazel Bryant, were found dead in their Lockport home on Oct. 2, 2020.

According to prosecutors, Maggio and Eaton dated prior to her death, and he also fathered her little girl.

A judge originally set Maggio's bond at $10,000,000. 


Now, the suspect's lawyer is arguing that there is a ‘"complete lack of evidence" tying Maggio to the deaths.

Maggio's lawyer, Michael Clancy, said his client participated in an eight-hour interview with police after the deaths, consented to the search of his cell phone, residence and vehicle and provided DNA.

Additionally, Clancy said lab results indicated that Maggio "cannot be excluded" as contributing to DNA recovered from Eaton's t-shirt and her fingernails. But, Clancy said, Maggio and Eaton had an intimate relationship up until 12 days prior to her death.

Maggio's lawyer also said that DNA from at least four male contributors was found on her t-shirt and DNA from at least two male contributors was recovered from her fingernails. Additionally, Maggio's cell phone records indicate that his phone was not in Lockport during the time frame of Eaton and her daughter's deaths. 

"The $10,000,000 bond that was set in this case is entirely inappropriate. That bond failed to consider the weight of the evidence, and the history and character of Maggio," said Clancy. " There is no direct evidence linking Maggio to these offenses, and he has no history of violence."

Maggio's bond reduction hearing will be held on March 24.