CTA proposes lower fares in 2022 budget

The CTA is proposing reduced fares in 2022 with the hope of boosting ridership.

Under the proposed $1.75 billion budget, base fares for buses and trains would remain the same but the proposal would eliminate the 25-cent transfer fee. 

Single and multi-day passes would also be reduced. The new prices would be as follows:

  • 1-Day pass: $5 (down from $10)
  • 3-Day pass: $15 (down from $20)
  • 7-Day pass: $20 (down from $28)


"The pandemic has strongly reaffirmed the importance of public transit to many in our city, including some of our most vulnerable populations for who transit remains a lifeline," CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. said in a statement. "Making our already low fares even more affordable not only ensures that we continue to meet the region’s needs, but encourages a return to ridership as businesses and offices welcome workers back."

The CTA has seen a big drop in ridership since the start of the pandemic, remaining at roughly half of pre-COVID levels.

Among the transit agency's projects for 2022 are adding elevators to all CTA rail stations, making improvements to the Blue Line Forest Park branch and expanding the city's electric bus fleet.