CTU demands Lightfoot follow up on promise of more parental leave for teachers

The Chicago Teachers Union is demanding Mayor Lori Lightfoot do something after they say she broke her promise when it comes to parental leave.

The hot button issue has now become an election sticking point just a month and a half out from the mayoral election.

Currently, CTU teachers get one to two weeks of paid leave, plus short-term disability for those who are eligible.

Last fall, Mayor Lightfoot announced all city employees would be receiving 12 weeks paid parental leave beginning this month, and the teachers union says the mayor promised the same for them.


But in late December, they got word the plan was being halted. The union says 80 percent of their workforce is female and they want more answers. They want to know what there is to talk about and ultimately, they want what other city workers have.

FOX 32 Chicago reached out to CPS and the mayor’s office for comment, and we've not heard back from the mayor.

CPS said in a statement: "Chicago Public Schools remains committed to exploring an updated parental leave policy and that work is ongoing. As such, CPS is taking the necessary time to review our policies and engage the union leadership to bargain over how to best support our team members who are new parents."

The teachers union plans to deliver thousands of petition signatures Wednesday morning to City Hall.