Cub fans cherish the 'clinch'

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -- There was plenty of excitement at Wrigley Filed on Saturday - even after the Cubs lost.

The San Francisco Giants fell to the Oakland A’s on Friday night which bumped the Cubs into the postseason. 

Fans couldn’t have been happier about the long awaited ‘clinch.’

“It was electric, everybody was in a good mood even though Hamil gave up a couple of runs.  It was still a good game. We are still going to the postseason,” said fan Josh Brown.

That's what Saturday was all about - not worrying about a measly loss to the Pirates, but the Wild Card playoff game facing -- most likely -- the Pirates!

Despite losing to the Pirates, Cubs fans are already looking to the future and they seem to be putting all their faith into one man.

“It may be a tough game, but if Arrieta is pitching we got it,” said one fan.

That may be the not so secret weapon! Everyone we interviewed agreeing in their faith for the Cubs and the pitcher.

Even the one Pirates fan that we were obligated to interview mentioned Arrieta!

“I don't like playing Arrieta, but you saw what we did the last 2 games,” said Pirates fan Bill Olson.

It's glass half full for Cubs fans, who are now dusting off superstitions all for the postseason.

“I've had this hat since 1984. It's been on the shelf in a closet.  It's time to come out because it's time for October baseball in Chicago,” said Pat Prombo.

The fans just hoping the “Back to the Future Part II” prediction comes true and the Cubs will go all the way.

“This is what we've all been waiting on. We haven't been in the postseason since 2008. We are here now - here to shut it down,” said Brown.