Cubs fans more excited than ever as playoffs approach

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - The Cubs are on fire and just a few wins away from clinching the second wild card slot for the playoffs.

You can see, feel and taste the new energy at Wrigley Field.

For 16 years and counting, James Jordan has slung peanuts and t-shirts outside Wrigley.

"I'm hoping for the wild card myself," Jordan said.

With the playoffs no longer a “field of dreams” for the Cubs, Jordan says he's seeing a different crop of fans.

"I've seen a younger crowd because of the younger youth of the baseball team, so the regular season ticketholders, their passing tickets on to the next generation," he said.

FOX 32: How can you pick out someone who hasn't been before?

"It's easy, they're right here, they just bought the Cubs gear, they've never been to a Cubs game before, it's very obvious to pick out new Cubs people," said season ticket holder Joe West.

Wrigley has seen a 10 percent increase in attendance through the 62 games played so far this season. That’s despite ticket prices, which have gone up about 2 percent.

"They're excited finally to come down and play, everyone's just winning down here," said Dennis Goff, security for Bernie’s Bar.

"I'm making my first trek back to Wrigley field," said fair weather fan Enrique Domingez.

Sometimes it's the guys on the outside looking in, that have the best view of the Cubs effect.

"I can feel the excitement in the air, it was '07, '08 was the last time that we had this feeling that we had a chance to make the playoffs," said foul ball catcher Dave Davison.

Davison is a foul ball fanatic.

FOX 32: Are you afraid that with the playoffs looming and the popularity of the team that there could be more people like you out here?

"I hope there's more people out here, it brings more excitement and competition,” Davison said.