Pregnant mother speaks out after she says a man followed her home from work

A pregnant mom of three is left looking over her shoulder after she says a customer followed her home from her job at Menards. Because of the nature of this incident, we will be protecting her identity. 

“He was in the store 20 minutes before we closed, and I noticed him in my line. I let it be known he’s in my line, can someone take over,” the cashier said.

On Monday night, he entered the Menards in Hammond, Ind. a handful of times, but didn’t buy anything until the pregnant cashier started her shift. The male customer was captured on surveillance video.

The cashier says this isn’t the first time he has approached her.  

“[He’d] flirt, ask for my number, he wants to do all of these things. He wants to take me out,” the cashier said.

But, she says, she has turned down those advances.

“They got footage from my job that he was in the parking lot 40 minutes. He repositioned his car, changing parking, all that,” she said.

The expectant mom headed home after her shift.

Traveling to East Chicago, she called the father of her children because an orange Pontiac Sunfire she didn’t recognize pulled in behind her.


What happened next left her traumatized:

“He came up to my car, and it was the guy from Menards that is always bothering me. He came up to my door, but my doors were locked,” she said.

He eventually let go of the handle, but took off. She says what is really frightening is what he bought from the store.

“He was buying a tote, and that’s just weird when you follow someone home and try to get into their car,” she said.

Hammond police are handling the police report and investigating the case. 

She also filed a report with East Chicago. They are also reviewing the incident.