Cyber thieves target Uber users for free rides

Uber users are the new target for cyber thieves looking to hack accounts for a free ride.

Uber’s millions of users could be at risk of a cyber-attack. Typically a hacker will send a victim an email saying “Congratulations you've won a free gift card, click here.” In that click, the user has downloaded malware to their device, often a key logger, recording every single thing they type.

Once the criminals have the Uber user’s information, they sell it on the Dark Net for $4 to $7 to anyone willing to buy it -- and there are plenty of buyers. Best advice is to avoid the "click,” but if you do get caught

Experts recommend linking a credit card to your Uber account, as opposed to a debit card. Consumers have stronger rights with credit cards compared to debit cards and that could increase your chances of getting your money back.

“We may love how technology has made life easier, but there is a price we pay for that easy living,” Mark Lanterman with Computer Forensic Services says.

It's not just Uber accounts -- also being sold on the dark net is your Netflix account info --- eBay -- anything you have to log into.

It’s likely no one will be caught for these hacks, as the info is being sent to a server that is far out of the country.