New bike lanes added at dangerous intersection in Logan Square after 2 cyclists were killed

Car traffic on Logan Boulevard, right where it goes under the Kennedy Expressway, is down to one lane in each direction.

However, many believe that's for a good reason.  

Cyclists now have a protected bike lane going both east and west on Logan between Rockwell and Diversey.  

Sadly, it may have taken a pair of tragedies to get to this point.

Kevin Clark was 13-years-old when he starred as the kid-drummer in the hit movie School of Rock. 

In late May, Clark was on his bike near Western Avenue and Logan Boulevard, when he was hit by a car and killed. 

Since then, the 32-year-old's family and the group, Kevin's Coda, has been working with the Active Transportation Alliance to get protected bike lanes installed on the stretch where the accident happened.

"We're very eager to try to have something positive result out of this horrible tragedy," said Clark's cousin Matthew Portman, who founded Kevin's Coda.


This stretch of Logan Boulevard is known for crashes, speeding and dangerous turns. 

Clark and one other cyclist have died on this stretch, which bike advocates describe as a "vital connector" for urban cyclists.  

"Unfortunately it took another life being taken away before the city started taking more action," said Alex Perez with the Active Transportation Alliance.

The bike lanes are right now protected by plastic barriers. One day, cycling advocates would like to see concrete between bikes and cars.  

"We are very grateful that this change has been made, but we know that more can be done at this intersection, and a lot more can be done all over the city to make the streets safer for everyone," said Portman.

Kevin Clark's mother, Allison, texted a short statement to FOX 32 through Portman about this improvement, writing: "I miss Kevin so much, I'm so glad that something positive has come out of this tragedy."