Daley Plaza Farmers Market opens Thursday

It's the first full season of the Chicago Farmer's Markets since the pandemic. 

Daley Plaza's is the city's oldest, opening on a glorious day.

There are fewer vendors than past years and fruits and vegetables are mostly within season. 

Farmers and food providers hope to see more foot traffic now that workers are returning downtown and spending more time outdoors. 

The markets are featuring asparagus, rhubarb, plants and flowers. 

Sweets are back from the Misericordia Hearts and Flour bakery. 

Prepared foods are favorites at lunchtime. Vendors say they are feeling the support of customers.

Naomi McCorkle was glad to see the return of her favorite vendors. She shopped during a break at work.


"I love the Farmer’s Market. We have been in a pandemic for two years, they opened it last year and people didn't come back. But I’m glad to see that the public came back for the first day," said McCorkle.

Yescenia Mota, the Farmer’s Markets manager for the city of Chicago, says small businesses can get exposure at the markets.

"Farmer’s markets are essential to economic development and support entrepreneurial local business," said Mota. "We have our staples, which are the farmers and the other value added vendors really struggled in the last two years, so we are grateful that they have made it, and we hope people will support everybody."

The Daley Plaza market is open every Thursday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. The city runs farmer’s markets in neighborhoods all over Chicago.