Daniel Martinez murder: 2nd person charged in death of Palos Hills Marine

New charges have been announced in the murder of a Palos Hills Marine who was stabbed to death in Boston earlier this year.

Daniel Martinez, 23, was killed in a fight outside a bar in March.


He was stabbed by a bar security guard — identified as 38-year-old Alvaro Larrama — while visiting the city for St. Patrick's Day, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said Martinez and his friends had left the Sons of Boston bar and tried to get back in, but a quarrel ensued and ultimately ended with Martinez's death.

Larrama’s colleagues ushered him back into the bar, where the bouncer went to the restroom and washed his hands, discarded his sweatshirt and turned his shirt inside out, prosecutors said. He allegedly left through a back exit.

Larrama pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder, according to Suffolk County prosecutors.

Now, prosecutors say a woman who worked at the bar will be charged as an accessory to the killing.

"You're never going to see that person again on this earth," said Manuel Martinez of his 23-year-old son, who served four years in the Marine Corps. "He loved his country, This country — even with its imperfections — has been very good to our family."

Martinez said Daniel planned on buying a house with his brother, Matthew, and enrolling at Columbia College to pursue a career in photography or movie production.

The Sons of Boston bar has had its liquor license revoked.

"We intend to learn everything Sons of Boston did in hiring the man who stabbed Daniel," said Thomas Flaws, the family’s attorney. "Did they look into his background? Did they train him? Did they, as the city of Boston says, allow him to work the door with a weapon?"