Darren Bailey files lawsuit challenging Illinois' assault weapons ban

There are at least five lawsuits challenging the Illinois’ assault weapons ban, and the latest one is from a political rival of the governor.

Leading the charge in the latest lawsuit is former Illinois gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey. The suit was filed in White County and claims the law violates the state’s constitution.

The National Rifle Association has joined a laundry list of lawsuits aimed at taking down Illinois’ assault weapons ban.

John Weber, the NRA Illinois State Director, issued a statement that says in part, "Instead of arresting, prosecuting, and punishing the criminals who break the law, Gov. Pritzker is focusing his attention on those who haven't broken any laws. The people of Illinois deserve better."

Attorney Thomas DeVore filed a second lawsuit challenging the law. It includes Bailey and more than one thousand plaintiffs and 70 firearm dealers that are calling the law unconstitutional.


The controversy surrounding the law took center stage in DuPage County on Tuesday.

"Wait a minute, you are letting out the murderers and telling us to be defenseless, it doesn't work that way," said activist Brock Friedman.

The county board held a meeting about Sheriff James Mendrick after he created a firestorm of controversy for putting out a letter calling the Illinois assault weapons ban unconstitutional and that he would not uphold the law.

Three hundred people gathered for public comment.

Democrat DuPage County Board Chair Deborah Conroy says she plans to introduce a resolution to censure the sheriff.

"Our job as elected officials is to uphold the laws of the state of Illinois, all of the law. We do not individually decide which laws we will uphold," Conroy said.

The next DuPage County Board meeting is set for February 14.