Darren Bailey takes Illinois congressional campaign to southern border

Former state representative and senator Darren Bailey, currently running for Congress against a fellow Republican, visited the southern border on Monday.

Bailey, accompanied by Illinois State Rep. Blaine Wilson and Texas candidate Julie Clark, assessed the situation in Eagle Pass, Texas, focusing on addressing the migrant flow.

"This is the largest border district in the country with 823 miles," Clark said.

"What's happening here at the border has directly affected what is happening in the City of Chicago," Wilson added.

Bailey called for unity within the Republican Party and pledged to be a force in Congress to address the border crisis if elected.

"It's time to clean house in the Republican Party. It's time to stand united and stop this chaos at our doorstep," Bailey said.

Bailey also acknowledged Republican governors for their efforts on border security and expressed his commitment to being a strong advocate for the issue in Congress.

Ballotpedia designates Clark's congressional race as a battleground, indicating its potential to impact the balance of power in Washington.