Dave Matthews Band concertgoers pack Northerly Island amid rising COVID numbers

It was an evening of relentless joy for Dave Matthews Band lovers featuring a full concert without vaccination, PCR test or mask enforcement.

The Chicago tour was postponed earlier this year as a result of COVID-19, but now it’s back.

"I’m one of those people who couldn’t wait to get vaccinated so I could get back to stuff like this," said Jamie Joyce of Brookfield.

Curtis Clemons traveled from Davenport, Iowa.

"We felt like this weekend could be the last for a while because we don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future," he said.

The concert comes amid rising COVID numbers in Illinois.

There were more than 16,000 newly confirmed cases this week and 64 deaths. The annual Hyde Park and Little Italy festivals were canceled as a result.

"Outdoors are generally safe if you’re vaccinated, if you’re unvaccinated and you’re outdoors and close to someone who has delta, you’re gonna catch it," said Dr. Vishnu Chundi.

Hundreds of fans were in line in Northerly Island waiting for the venue to open up. The Huntington Bank Pavilion seats 30,000 people. Masks were recommended for unvaccinated attendees, but without screening at the door, as long as you paid, you got in without any questions, according to concertgoers.