Demands for Lightfoot, Brown to resign following shooting of 1-year-old

There is renewed demand for the resignation of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Superintendent David Brown following the Tuesday shooting of a toddler on Lake Shore Drive.

Tio Hardiman was joined outside Chicago Police Headquarters on Wednesday by other activists.

They say the mayor and superintendent's inability to develop a comprehensive public safety plan to curb the violence in the city is allowing shootings to continue.

"We must bring attention to the escalating gun violence in Chicago. We cannot afford to go through another bloody summer in Chicago. It makes no sense," Hardiman said. "African American people are under siege in Chicago because of the abundance and availability of illegal guns right now."

In order to bring attention to these shootings on young children, they are planning to close down Lake Shore Drive for a peaceful protest.


The protest is expected to take place at Belmont and Lake Shore Drive in the next month and a half.

Chicago police Superintendent David Brown and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot attend a news conference.

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