Department of Streets and Sanitation clears snow for more than 9,400 lane miles of roadway

More than 200 snow vehicles have begun to clear snow from streets in Chicago early Sunday, according to a news release from the Department of Streets and Sanitation

Salt spreaders have been working since the snow began Saturday to ensure that main roads are safe and passable for drivers and buses, the release states. Residents can view the City’s snow fleet in real time at   

The release states that safety is the City's top priority. DSS staff is continuing to monitor the weather and ground conditions and will adjust resources as needed. 


Though the snow has passed, those who must travel are urged to take precaution when traveling during inclement weather and drive according to conditions, the release states.  

DSS manages more than 9,400 lane miles of roadway with a fleet of salt spreaders that are fully prepared to respond when needed. In addition, the department has salt stationed at salt piles throughout the city, according to the release. 

DSS works with the Office of Emergency Management and Communications to coordinate citywide response efforts to keep all residents safe and informed. Residents can sign up to receive up-to-date weather conditions and emergency information at