Suburban teachers call for change amid allegations of toxic work, learning environment

Teachers at two suburban high schools are calling for change, claiming Hinsdale District 86's Board of Education has created and fostered a toxic working and learning environment.

During Thursday night's meeting in Darien, the teachers laid out their grievances. 

The Hinsdale High School Teachers Association claims the school board's dysfunction caused an unprecedented amount of administrative turnover. 

The group said the board made decisions about what students would learn in math, science and social studies without consulting the teachers. 

"Specifically, the curriculum that was designed with students' best interests in mind was denied by the board. Formation of the board academic committee and more recently the suggestion of an academic task force exemplifies the board's continued overreach and micromanagement," said John Bowman, co-president of the teachers association. 

The Hinsdale High School Teachers Association is asking for a new board president and a reorganization of the school board.