Detroit police surprise 5-year-old gunshot victim on her birthday

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To protect and serve - and to also apparently give good gifts.

It was a few days late, but Detroit cops gave 5-year-old London Muldrow a toy Polaris for her birthday. It was a special day for London, because a year ago there was no guarantee she would live to see the day.

She was hit by a stray bullet last April after two men got into a fight at the Citgo gas station on Livernois and Puritan. She and her mom had just pulled up when one of the men pulled a gun and opened fire as the other took cover behind their car. London was hit in the head.

"The call came out that a mother was calling for the daughter," said Officer Eric Brown, Detroit police. "A mother can be a 60-year-old woman calling for a 40-year-old daughter. I never suspected it would be an infant - a 3-year-old girl at that."

Officer Eric Brown from the 12th Precinct's Special Operations Unit was the first at the scene. He rushed London and her mother, Laurice, to Sinai Grace Hospital. London spent 28 days there and pulled through. There's still a bullet lodged in her brain.

"He's been an amazing person for my family and I," said Laurice. "He helped save my daughter's life."

Officer Brown kept in contact with London's family and learned she was celebrating her 5th birthday over the holiday weekend. Needless to say, he wanted in on it.

"Myself and the rest of the 12 Precinct Special Operations came together and put together funds in order to get baby London a birthday present," he said.

"I like my new car," London said.

"They didn't have to call and reach out (asking) what does London need or want for her birthday," said Laurice. "I am grateful they called and even remembered her."

"I grew up in the city of Detroit so I have a true passion and I care for the city of Detroit," Brown said. "I care that the citizens can look at us like regular people and they should be able to come to us when we are in need - as this family was."