Dixmoor residents hopeful of improved water system after enduring major issues for years

Residents of south suburban Dixmoor are getting an improvement to their water system after enduring multiple major issues over the years.

Elected officials raided their shovels to mark the collaboration that produced this project. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers started work on the 12-inch, 3700-foot-long water main to serve Dixmoor’s north side after repeated water main breaks and boil water orders plagued the village. 

At one point, the residents went two weeks without running water. 

Mayor Fitzgerald Roberts was constantly dealing with emergencies. He said he barely slept and woke up every morning wondering if there would be another water main break.


Congresswoman Robin Kelly, 2nd District, secured funding from the federal government.

"Reliable water is lifeblood. When a water system breaks everything shuts down. Businesses and schools can’t run. Residents can’t go about their daily lives. Dixmoor knows this all too well," said Kelly.

Mayor Roberts said the new water main won’t solve all the village’s problems, but it is a good start. 

Engineers say water will be flowing through the new line by November.