Dixmoor residents stuck with 'virtually no water pressure' after pipe burst

A pipe burst in Harvey piled onto water pressure issues in south suburban Dixmoor.

The pipe bursted Monday morning near 144th Street and Ashland Avenue in Harvey, the city which is the sole provider of water for Dixmoor.

Dixmoor spokesman Travis Akin said in a statement after the pipe burst that the village has "virtually no water pressure." 


Dixmoor was already struggling from low water pressure over the weekend with most of the village's 4,000 or so residents only receiving a trickle – if that – coming out of the pipes. 

Late Monday, Dixmoor officials said that the pipe had been fixed and engineers had also fixed a broken turbine. They're asking residents to be patient and boil any water they can get out of the faucet Monday night.

Residents in need of water can pick it up at Village Hall.