People are still having water problems in the Chicago suburb of Dixmoor

People in the Chicago suburb of Dixmoor were on day two of water problems Sunday, with no way of knowing how long it will be until water comes out of the pipes at a normal pressure again.

On Saturday, Dixmoor officials said that there was a water main break in Harvey which was impacting their water pressure. The pressure was so low, most of the 4,000 or so residents only had a trickle – if that – coming out of the pipes. Harvey supplies all of Dixmoor's water.

That problem has since been fixed, but Dixmoor officials said Sunday that full water pressure will not return until the turbines are fixed. Engineers are expected to check out the turbines on Monday.

Dixmoor officials are continuing to offer free bottled water to residents until this is sorted out. You can pick up water at the Village Hall, or you can call and they will deliver water to you.

Dixmoor is about 18 miles from downtown Chicago.