People in one Chicago suburb didn't have water on Saturday

On Saturday in suburban Dixmoor, water pressure fell so low that people just didn't have water coming out of the taps.

The Village told FOX 32 Chicago that water pressure fell to half its normal level on Saturday, which effectively cut off the water supply for all Dixmoor residents. Water pressure has to be at least 35 pounds of pressure per square inch to get water to all the homes in Dixmoor, but pressure has fallen to single digits.

"We know the water problems present an emergency situation for our residents and business owners. We know this is an emergency and we are doing everything we can to resolve it," said Dixmoor Village President Fitzgerald Roberts in a press release. "The Village Board, Village Clerk and the Village staff – we are all working around the clock."

Harvey is the sole provider of water for Dixmoor.

Dixmoor is in Cook County, 18 miles south of downtown Chicago.