Dog doused in accelerant found wandering streets in Pasco County

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Suncoast Animal League

A Shih Tzu found wandering the street in Pasco County suffered chemical burns and respiratory damage after apparently being doused with kerosene.

The Suncoast Animal League is now rehabilitating the little guy, named Teddy, but they are concerned the person responsible could hurt another animal.

After bringing Teddy to their medical facility Friday, Pasco County Animal Services workers said they smelled what they thought was something burning. But they checked the room and didn’t find any smoke.

That’s when they realized the smell was coming from the dog.

The techs said they could feel the burn inside their noses and throats and Teddy was gasping for breath. That’s when they realized he was covered with the accelerant.

The veterinarian and staff began to wash Teddy, but had to stop when he started having a negative reaction. So they made the decision to shave him to remove as much of the chemical as possible.

Under Teddy’s fur, his skin was very inflamed and one of his eyes was swollen shut. That’s when the called the folks at Suncoast for help.

A Pasco County staff member volunteered to drive Teddy to the office of Dr. David Danielson from Ehrlich Animal Hospital. They discovered Teddy had a staph infection and his corneas were burned. He was treated with antibiotics, burn and pain medication, and eye drops.

According to the Suncoast Animal League, Dr. Danielson believes the accelerant poured on Teddy may be kerosene. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office said a report about the incident had not been filed.

Since being treated, Teddy is recovering in a foster home with another dog, Denali, who went through a similar ordeal just one year ago.

The foster home says Teddy is doing well and Denali is helping with the transition.