Dog thrown out of car is reunited with its rightful owner

An unfortunate circumstance brought a missing dog back to its rightful owner in Ohio.

Brown County Humane Society Dog Shelter shared a Facebook post about the tear-jerking reunion on Saturday.

Two days prior to the reunion, the shelter had notified its network that a dog named Savey had been abandoned at an "old bridge" in Aberdeen, a village in Huntington Township and Brown County.

According to the dog shelter’s previous post, Savey was "thrown from a moving late model green sedan with Kentucky plates" and "ran after the car." 

She was later found alone on Ferry Street.

However, the Facebook post helped Savey’s original owner locate her whereabouts after more than a year since the dog went missing.

"If you don’t believe in miracles. Maybe you should….." Brown County Humane Society Dog Shelter wrote on Saturday. "Savey has been a good girl while here but [was] understandably shook up and depressed. Today, after her original owner saw our post on FB. He rushed to the shelter."

"Savey had been missing for over a year. Pictures were shared as he described her birthmarks and old scars to a tee. She had been with him since she was a small puppy," the post continued. "Savey recognized him as soon as we got to the hallway of the lobby and immediately started pulling and jumping for him. Our sad depressed girl quickly became happy wiggly and overjoyed to see her person."

A spokesperson for the Brown County Humane Society Dog Shelter told Fox News, "Savey is happily settling in with her family and seems very relieved to be home. Our Humane Agents are actively investigating who threw Savey from the car."


The Facebook post about Savey’s reunion has been shared more than 3,500 times and has received more than 830 comments.

"This is the saddest story turned into the best story," one Facebook user wrote.

The larger Brown County Humane Society is dedicated to finding forever homes for dogs, cats, small animals, horses and farm animals.

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