Dolphin breaks woman's ankles in bizarre accident


A dolphin caused chaos on a California family’s recent fishing trip, leaping into their boat and breaking a woman’s ankles.

The 350-pound dolphin was a member of a pod that had been swimming alongside the Frickman family’s boat before the freak incident occurred.

“I knew right away he was going to land in the boat, because of the way he was facing -- knocked me backwards and then landed kind of on my feet and ankles,” said Chrissie Frickman.

“It was pretty much chaos at that point --  my wife had fallen down, she was screaming, the dolphin was making screaming noises, my daughter was totally freaking out and screaming,” added her husband Dirk Frickman. “I had to keep the dolphin away from the family, I had to try and get on the radio at the same time, make distress calls.”