Dolton police: Video shows suspect aimed gun at officers before being shot

Dolton police on Friday released bodycam footage of a police-involved shooting from last weekend.

Dolton police responded to 150th and Irving last Saturday after complaints of a man with a gun. Police chased 19-year-old Carterris Doty for at least three minutes and gave several warnings.

Police say what can be seen on video is Doty aiming a gun at officers before being shot multiple times.

“Our officers exhibited a great round of restraint in trying not to after repeated commands,” said Dolton Mayor Riley Rogers.

It is a total different narrative than initial reports that went viral on social media, with a neighbor recording cellphone video of the incident claiming no gun was present.

“I made a bad judgement, still stand by my son, he’s fighting for his life,” said Doty’s mother Patrice Eason Watson.

Watson says her son has suffered from depression and bipolar disorder for years. She says he has even been hospitalized for treatment.

“They keep him 7-10 days and they release him back to the world with no help intended,” she said.

Watson also says her son was shot a total of 18 times. His weapon never fired.

The mayor did not say how many bullets his officers fired.

“Officers are trained to fire until the threat is extinguished,” Mayor Rogers said.

Doty remains in the hospital and the officers involved have been put on desk duty.