Double Door evicted, ending 23 years of music at Wicker Park club

FOX 32 NEWS - The lights are still on, but nobody's home at the Double Door anymore.

The owner was evicted over a lease dispute that has been ongoing for more than six months. There was a concert scheduled for Monday night, but it had to be moved to another venue at the last minute. Now, there are new locks on the doors and a sense of loss by fans.

“I mean we knew it was coming, but it's a neighborhood staple, got a love this place. I've had some of the best nights of my life over the past year here, all my favorite bands have played this place,” said Scott Blessman.

The Double Door first opened in 1994 and through the years has hosted countless local bands and some major acts as well. In 1997, the Rolling Stones even played here in a surprise last minute concert where tickets sold for $7.

But as the neighborhood has gentrified, the artists who made it hip have been forced out by soaring rents. Now, the same fate has closed these double doors for good.

“I think it meant a lot to a lot of people in this neighborhood and it's just one of the last remaining places that had some character you know in Wicker Park, and you see one by one those places go away and you don't see anything really taking their place, so it's a little depressing,” said Sophia Sanchez.

Chicago Tribune Music Critic Greg Kot said the Double Door had a good run, but had outlasted its welcome in Wicker Park and the owner couldn't afford the rent the building owner wanted.

“I'm sure somewhere else will take its place but nowhere will really take Double Door’s place, so I'm sure there will be a lot of people upset about it and a lot of people have a lot of good memories in there,” said Declan Kennedy.

The Double Door’s owner has been trying to line up a new building in Logan Square, but has run into some resistance there. Neither he nor the building’s owner responded to requests for a comment.