Downers Grove man claimed tools were stolen, received thousands of dollars in insurance payouts: police

A Downers Grove man allegedly falsely claimed his tools were stolen in order to receive thousands of dollars in insurance payouts.

Robert J. Sladek, 45, faces two counts of felony theft, two counts of insurance fraud, one count of forgery and one count of filing a false police report.

In March 2022, Sladek, who lived in Naperville at the time, filed an online theft report claiming that hand tools were stolen from his vehicle, the police said.

While police investigated the theft, detectives learned that Sladek allegedly submitted and received payouts on insurance claims regarding stolen tools in 2021 and 2022, each exceeding $10,000. Further investigation revealed that Sladek allegedly never purchased or owned the tools he claimed were stolen.

"Investigations sometimes lead us in directions we didn’t anticipate. This case is a perfect example of how important it is to have thorough detectives who are willing to dedicate time and energy to a case, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of the truth," said Naperville Police Chief Jason Arres. "Our detectives are second to none, and I am truly grateful for their diligence to their work and desire to hold people accountable for their actions."

Sladek turned himself in on March 19. No further information was released.