The benefits of 'Dry January' — what to know

The new year isn't only about year-long commitments. There's one that lasts for just a month, but pays off the rest of the year.

It's "Dry January" — and millions of people take part in it every year.

A study found six months after participating in Dry January, people changed their habits and drank less.

"Even if you do it just a little bit, there's going to be far-reaching benefits, so you could go dry for a month, or you could actually engage in recovery, which is a whole lifestyle, and you maintain abstinence indefinitely," said Sarah Rains, Hazelden Betty Ford Chicago Outpatient Manager.

In as little as 48 hours of not drinking, people can start to feel a difference. After a month, they get better sleep, have more energy, and see improvements in their sense of taste and smell.