Duckworth, Salvi clash over abortion in Chicago debate

Senator Tammy Duckworth and Republican challenger Kathy Salvi squared off in a debate Thursday night, covering issues from immigration to abortion.

The candidates fielded questions from moderators, as well as community members in Little Village and Champaign.

Duckworth and Salvi also discussed the opioid crisis and the status of so-called "Dreamers."

However, the biggest point of contention was abortion.


"I believe that the decision that was made this summer is good because it took the decision of abortion out of the hands of an activist court and put it into the hands of the state's duly elected representatives," Salvi said.

"I'd like to codify Roe v. Wade with the restrictions per Roe v. Wade, which is consistent with Illinois law which is at the 24 weeks at the point of viability," Duckworth responded.

Duckworth holds a large lead over Salvi in the latest polling.

Election Day is November 8.