DuPage County signs $7 million election deal with Hart InterCivic, switching to all paper ballots

Next year, voters in DuPage County's 2022 primary will use only paper ballots.

DuPage County has signed a $7,264,965 four-year contract with Hart InterCivic for its Verity voting program, the county announced Tuesday. The money will pay for initial equipment costs.

DuPage County said that their current optical election scanners were purchased 20 years ago and the touchscreen voting machines were bought 16 years ago.

DuPage County said that Hart InterCivic is based in Austin, Texas, with 109 years of election experience and 780 customers across the country. Their voting systems are designed, engineered and built in the United States, DuPage County said.

Verity is never connected to the internet.

The new voting system will ensure that every ballot looks exactly the same, with no variation for voters with disabilities, DuPage County said.