Ellis Lakeview residents say they're living in deplorable conditions, file lawsuit

Longtime residents at Ellis Lakeview on Chicago's South Side say the property is in such bad shape, that it should be condemned.

The residents say the building has previously failed many city inspections.

Photos attached to a class action lawsuit filed Thursday show deplorable conditions. Residents of the complex say they see everything from rodents, malfunctioning elevators, flooding, mold and more.


The eleven-story building in the 4600 block of South Ellis Avenue receives $145,000 every month in federal funds to provide safe, secure and affordable housing, the lawsuit states.

The suit names building owner Apex Chicago and former management company Integra as defendants.

Residents describe the conditions as bad, despite some paying more than $1000 in rent every month.

 "There's rodents, mice – it's bad. It's literally bad. And they keep having different contractors come in here and fix things that they're not able to even fix. And honestly the building needs to be torn down and probably rebuilt. So we have two elevators here. We have one elevator working. One of the elevators been down for I wanna say almost four months," a resident said.

FOX 32 Chicago has learned a new management company took over earfliet this year and have made some repairs, but residents say even more repairs need to be done.

Our attempts to contact the building owner or the current building manager about the lawsuit have been unsuccessful.