Elmhurst woman celebrates 102 years, shares secrets to long life

An Elmhurst woman is celebrating her 102nd birthday! And now, she is sharing her secrets to a long and healthy life.

Her name is Carolyn Francis Baldwin, and she is a resident of the Roosevelt at Salt Creek in Elmhurst

Carrie, as she likes to be called, has been a resident there since 2015. She has led a full life! She was married for 69 years, has three children, nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

She said her secret to a long life is working! She worked her entire life — even when most women didn't. And, she's still working at her senior community to this day. 

Besides work, Carrie exercises for 45 minutes every day. She said she has to because she loves sweets, and she has to keep her weight down.

So Happy Birthday to Carrie! Here's to many more! 

And a special shout out to our friends from the Roosevelt at Salt Creek for sharing her story.