Evergreen Park student can multiply any 2 numbers in his head, as fast as a calculator

An Evergreen Park Community High School student can do something even mathematicians cannot. 

Xarles (Chaz) Barnes, a sophomore, has the ability to multiply any number from 1-100, and multiply any two 1-100 numbers together. But Barnes doesn't memorize the answers, he solves the equation quickly, in his head. 

"He can do it about as quickly as I can do it on a calculator," said Patrick Doran, Barnes' Geometry teacher. 


Doran, a first-year teacher at the Evergreen Park high school, has previously taught at other schools, but said he’s never taught a student who is able to do this before. 

"You won’t be able to find anyone else in the building who can do this," Doran said. 

Doran nominated Barnes as his first quarter 2021-2022 student of the quarter. See a video of Barnes solving complex multiplication below.