Stories from the Red Couch: Famed adoption agency the focus of powerful new documentary

The famed adoption agency The Cradle is now the subject of a powerful new documentary, and the man behind the camera shares a personal connection with the organization.

Dan Lanigan is the filmmaker behind the new film Stories from the Red Couch and recently spoke with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about what drove him to put The Cradle’s 99-year-old history on film.

"Adoption is something that’s been going around humanity for as long as we’ve been around," Lanigan said. "People have been taking in kids when adults couldn’t handle it."


"Certainly in the United States, in the past it was kind of kept quiet, nobody talked about it. But if you start talking to people about that you are part of an adopted family, you’d be surprised at how many cousins or how many friends or siblings or themselves are adopted."

"I wanted to do whatever I could do as a filmmaker to bring my family, my kids really, into a world that’s a little bit more open about adoption, because it’s just another way families are built."

You can see the film for free during a special live stream fundraiser event this Saturday at 7 p.m.

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