Family demands answers 6 years after brothers found murdered in Evanston

There is a new plea for help several years after two brothers were found murdered in their family's tobacco shop in Evanston.

There have been many twists and turns in the case since the two brothers were killed. Azim Hakeem and Mobeen Hakeem were found dead, shot to death, in the basement of their suburban cigar store in 2013. And still, police have made no arrests.

The murder shocked many people after the news broke. Months after the brothers' murders, the investigation turned toward a man whom was a known bank robber after he was found to have possessed certain items relevant to the crime. He was never charged and has since died.

However, the brothers' sister -- Farheen Hakeem -- says she has been working tirelessly, going as far as to chase leads herself. She believes her brothers' killer is still alive and points her finger squarely at police, saying they have not done enough to solve the murders.

Hakeem says she will keep advocating until the case is solved.