Family of teen killed who was featured in 'Chicagoland' searching for answers: 'It's complete hell'

FOX 32 NEWS - A South Side teenager who was featured on the CNN series "Chicagoland" was determined to leave behind the streets and gangs, but he never got the chance.

And now, his family is still left with more questions than answers as the one year anniversary of his murder nears this week.

Inside her west Pullman apartment, Paulette McCollum shares with us a smile. Surrounded by the faces of family, this weekend will be her first Mother's Day without her son, 22-year-old Lee.

"It's complete hell for me because I'm sitting here and I'm waiting for him to come home,” Paulette said.

Lee was shot in the head last May during the early morning hours of May 12 and his death shocked everyone who knew him.

Lee was determined to turn his life around. With the help of his high school principal who was featured alongside him in the CNN documentary Chicagoland, he was on his way to doing so. He turned himself into an honor roll student and was accepted to college. He was also named prom king before losing the mother of his nearly 2-year-old daughter to gun violence just one month before his own death.

Lee’s family is racked with both sadness and anger because no one’s been arrested and no motive has been established.

“I feel like the city of Chicago Police Department is not doing their job,” said Jodi Anderson, Lee’s sister.

But for now, they pause. Pause to remember someone who won't be around to hug his mother on her special day.

“Lee had a life. He had potential. He had meaning. He was going somewhere in life,” Paulette said.